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About Us

Hi!  My name is Debbie and I am the owner of Elements Boutique!  I am the one selecting the clothes, uploading the pictures to the website, packaging your products and answering any questions.  My aim is to serve you and provide you a great customer service experience!  You always deal directly with the owner here!!  Some of you have asked a little bit about our background so I tried to make a brief synopsis.

Elements Boutique started as an upscale resale store five years ago in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa.  We were proud to manage over 350 consignor accounts.  We had a small section in the resale shop for new boutique clothes.  As time went on, we discovered that the new boutique clothes area is where we belonged along with home decor and toys!  We opened an Ebay store for new boutique clothes and it flourished.  While the Ebay business grew, we began to build our own website and between the two we sold thousands of boutique clothing items.

Recently we opened a seasonal store at Lake Okoboji in the Central Emporium in northwest Iowa.  Our store is primarily open in the summer but our website operates year round.  We will be adding items to our website as quickly as possible so please frequently check our website!